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Boots on the ground

Be smart

Whenever you’re travelling, keep your valuables in your hotel room safe!

Drinking Water

Don’t worry, water bottle are provided by your resort. Just ask at the bar or restaurant. And why not add some electrolyte powder while you're at it? Hydration is key!

Cash in your Pocket

Lonely Planet: “Most businesses won’t break US$50 and US$100 bills, and those that do may require you to present your passport.”

In Case of Emergency

  • Dial 104 to reach the National Police
  • Dial 103 to reach the Fire Department
  • Dial 911 to reach Ambulance Services
  • Dial 511-9260 for the Tourist Police - Contact the Tourist Police if you get lost in the rainforest or any city for that matter. If you have lost identification papers, they will help you contact your family back home and get in touch with the right authorities within Panama to sort things out. Officers often speak many different languages and can be identified by their khaki uniforms and bold “POLICIA” armbands.

Panama - Embassy of Canada
Street Address: Torres de Las Americas, Tower A, 11th Floor, Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama
Postal Address: P.O. Box Apartado 0832-2446, Panama City, Panama
Telephone: (507) 294-2500
Fax: (507) 294-2514

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