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Be smart

Whenever you’re travelling, keep your valuables in your hotel room safe!

Drinking Water

Don’t worry, water bottle are provided by your resort. Just ask at the bar or restaurant. And why not add some electrolyte powder while you're at it? Hydration is key!


Do not cheap out on your mosquito repellent application (especially after a wet spell) and be sure to go for the stuff with 30% deet. Why? Not only do some mosquitos carry Dengue, they also can transmit Chikungunya, a virus for which there is no vaccine. Symptoms are similar to those of a really bad flu with added painful joint pain.


It’s more convenient to bring American money than Canadian. Either exchange it at the airport on your way or at a currency exchange in your city (for best rates).

Credit cards are widely accepted.

How to move

  • When renting a car, keep in mind that the Jamaican road system is designed for left-hand-driving (UK model).
  • For short distance travels, taxis are your best friend.

In Case of Emergency

  • Dial 199 to reach the police emergency center
  • Dial 110 to reach the fire department and ambulance services

High Commission of Canada in Jamaica (General & Consular Enquiries)

Address: 3 West Kings House Road, Waterloo Road Entrance Kingston, Jamaica
Telephone: (876) 926-1500
Fax: (876)733-3493

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