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Boots on the ground

Be smart

Whenever you’re travelling, keep your valuables in your hotel room safe!


Keep insect repellent on you.

Drinking Water

Don’t worry, water bottle are provided by your resort. Just ask at the bar or restaurant. And why not add some electrolyte powder while you're at it? Hydration is key!

Cash in your Pocket

You can exchange your US dollars at the front desk (not the best rates, though). Hotel staff love the U.S. Dollar for tips, but if you’re headed off the beaten path bring local currencies. Also, finding ATMs will be a mission so bring local cash (Lempiras) -- it’s easier to barter with anyway. Don’t forget to bring your passport with you when you to the bank to exchange or withdraw money.

How to move

If you’re looking for a different way to explore the island, why not rent a scooter for a day? You’ll be able to procure detailed maps and explanations on “where to go” and “what to see” at any of the rental agencies located on the main Road in West End and West Bay. Be careful as local drivers might pass on curves or stop unexpectedly (and be prepared for potholes)!

In Case of Emergency


  • Woods Medical Center, Coxen Hole 2445-1080
  • Roatan Public Hospital, Coxen Hole 2445-1227
  • Anthony's Key Resort, Sandy Bay (ask for clinic) 2445-3003
  • Nurse Peggy, Sandy Bay 2445-3234
  • (Dr) Leslie NP, Oakridge 435-2219

Fire Department and Ambulance:

  • Coxen Hole 445-0430


  • Roatan Tourist Police 99 82 85 42

Both addresses are located on the mainland of Honduras

Embassy of Canada - Tegucigalpa
Address: Centro Financiero CITI, 3rd Floor, Boulevard San Juan Bosco, Colonia Payaquí, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3552, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Telephone: (504) 2232-4551
Fax: (504) 2239-7767

For emergency assistance after hours, contact the Office of the Canadian Embassy in Tegucigalpa and follow the instructions. You may also make a collect call to the Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa at 613-996-8885. (Source:

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