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Suncamp DR Suncamp DR

Great for budget-minded travellers who want to experience a more authentic and rustic way of lodging. While staying here, we met a lot of interesting people who shared similar travelling values to ours. The SunCampDR apartments offer a variety of amenities such as an equipped kitchen, wi-fi, hot water as well as access to a natural pool and beach. The great thing about this place is that you don’t get that feeling of being completely cut off from the outside world. Quite the contrary, the friendly staff made sure to inform all guests about the variety of local events happening at the time of our stay and encouraged us to check them out!

  • Contact Name: Diane Pellerin and son Samuel Pellerin
  • Email: /
  • Phone: 1.809.320.1441
  • Cell: 1 829 610 2415
  • Address: Munoz, Calle Principal #40, Puerto Plata 57000

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