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Snorkeling in Cayo Las Brujas Snorkeling in Cayo Las Brujas

With one of the biggest shelf reef in the world, the Cayos ain’t kidding around when it comes to snorkeling.The water is stunningly clear. The fish are abundant. And, of course, the skippers at Marina Cayo Santa Maria are super friendly and helpful. Just hope on a bus, rent some scooters or maybe even hitchhike, and within 20 minutes you’ll find yourself at the marina, with snorkel gear in-hand (don’t forget to call ahead to charter a boat and/or check the tour schedule).

  • Contact name: Marina Cayo Santa Maria
  • Email:
  • Phone: (53 42) 350013 - (53 42) 350113
  • Address: Cayeria Norte de Villa Clara, Caibarien, Cuba
  • Open from 9AM to 5PM every day

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