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El Boqueron River Canyon El Boqueron River Canyon

We’re not kidding when we say “off the beaten path”. To get to this river cave, we recommend that you hitch a tractor ride through the Boquerón Valley as the route along the way can get a little bumpy. You’ll most-likely be dropped at the side of two huge rocky cliffs - a sign that the river portion of your journey is about to begin! From there, you’ll need to swim for about an hour before reaching the mouth of the cave (we never made it fully into the cave in our episode; it’s about an hour’s saunter through shallow water). Make sure you bring a solid pair of swim shoes as you’ll surely have to step over a few wet rocks here and there (and water-resistant mosquito repellent!). The whole experience definitely makes this worth the trip.

  • Name: Vidal
  • Address: Ciego de Avila, Cuba, around the towns of Florencia and Chambas

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