Mexico: Quintana Roo
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  • Drifting in an Ancient Mayan Canal

    Explore Mexico by its rivers for a beautiful and relaxing day that takes you past ancient Mayan ruins.

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    For those of you who’ve thought about it forever but never been able to commit (buck up, you guys!). Mr. 8 Ball Tattoo’s artwork and service were both exceptional.

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  • Temazcal

    A Mayan Temazcal is a traditional steam bath that has been practiced for both healing and ritual purposes in Mexico for thousands of years. Get ready for a real emotional experience.

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Karla Castillo
Karla Castillo

Meet the Basecampers

I'm a born traveller and knew from a young age that I wanted to visit every corner of the world and explore it's beauty and uniqueness. Going on a day of fun adventure in a new place is my favourite way to spend the day!
Karla Castillo
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  • Mexico
    Quintana Roo 

    Swim in the cenotes, experience the temazcal sweat-lodge or even make chewing gum — the Quintana Roo province boasts endless adventure.

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