Mexico: Quintana Roo
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  • Drifting in an Ancient Mayan Canal

    Explore Mexico by its rivers for a beautiful and relaxing day that takes you past ancient Mayan ruins.

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  • Eco Tours in Sian Ka’An

    By taking part in this eco-tour of the Sia Ka’an forest, not only will you learn about Mayan history and the invention of chewing gum, but you’ll also pull off an environmentally conscious gesture toward the well-being of our beautiful planet!

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  • EEK BAALAM Rugby

    It’s amazing how much sports can have a positive impact on people and we surely appreciate being able to share such a moment during our travels – and we recommend all of you to try the same.

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Karla Castillo
Karla Castillo

Meet the Basecampers

I'm a born traveller and knew from a young age that I wanted to visit every corner of the world and explore it's beauty and uniqueness. Going on a day of fun adventure in a new place is my favourite way to spend the day!
Karla Castillo

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