Mexico: Quintana Roo
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  • Eco Tours in Sian Ka’An

    By taking part in this eco-tour of the Sia Ka’an forest, not only will you learn about Mayan history and the invention of chewing gum, but you’ll also pull off an environmentally conscious gesture toward the well-being of our beautiful planet!

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  • Los Tres Cenotes de Cuzama

    Los Tres Cenotes de Cuzama are natural formations of underground pools of water that will blow your mind. Jump and experience something unlike anything else.

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    For those of you who’ve thought about it forever but never been able to commit (buck up, you guys!). Mr. 8 Ball Tattoo’s artwork and service were both exceptional.

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Rodrigo Basurto Garcia
Rodrigo Basurto Garcia

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I try to live my life at 150%. This world has so much to offer so you can't take it for granted. I live by the words my dad always told me: life's a roller coaster with its' ups and downs, but it's your choice to scream or to enjoy the ride!
Rodrigo Basurto Garcia
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  • Mexico
    Quintana Roo 

    Swim in the cenotes, experience the temazcal sweat-lodge or even make chewing gum — the Quintana Roo province boasts endless adventure.

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