Los Cabos : where the desert meets the ocean.
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  • Bungee jumping over a wild canyon in Cabo.

    Our Basecampers go bungee jumping into a wild canyon in Cabo.

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  • An unusual donkey safari from the desert to the sea in Cabo.

    Troy, Gabby and Michelle, check out a Mexican Ranchero and go for a donkey tour of the area

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  • Exploring Cabo’s culture : Learning the steps of Glass Blowing

    The Basecampers explore Mexican culture and get creative with Glass Blowing - turns out it’s not as easy at it seems!

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Gabrielle Mather-Senosier
Gabrielle Mather-Senosier

Meet the Basecampers

My goal in life is to spread good vibes wherever I go.
Gabrielle Mather-Senosier
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  • Mexico
    Los Cabos 

    n this series we are traveling to the Baja California, where desert meets the ocean. On this trip, Troy Peckham is meeting with two new Basecampers: Gabrielle Mather-Senosier and Christine Cleary. The new girls are charming, energetic and adventurous! Some Basecampers will have to overcome their fear and push their limits to another level. At the end of the day it’s all worth it!

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