Honduras: Roatán
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  • Mayan Eden Eco Park

    Ideal if you want some plain old good fun -- rain or shine! Head to the Mayan Eden Echo Park for a day of ziplining through jungle canopies along mountain tops and in front of beautiful views of Roatan’s shorelines.

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  • TGI Diving Roatán

    The island of Roatán is located next to the second largest barrier reef in the world, which hosts some of the most breathtaking diving in the word — and TGI Diving is the place to get you the skills to experience it!

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  • St. Helene Cave Exploration

    Santa Helena is a secluded private island located about 20 km East of Roatan, and remains untouched from the tourism industry. The island hosts legendary cave systems, said to be haunted by “duppies” or ghosts.

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Emily Silver
Emily Silver

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Emily Silver
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  • Honduras

    This little island to the North of Honduras doubles as a Caribbean paradise and scuba diving mecca that hosts some of the best diving in the world.

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