Cuba: Havana + Varadero
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  • El Taller Experimental de Gráfica

    The work of the artists at the Experimental Graphics Studio is craaaazy. Founded by Orlando Suarez with the support of none other than Che Guevara, the studio is still frequented by many artists whom you can one on one with.

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  • Varadero International Skydiving Center

    If you’ve never experienced jumping out of a moving plane and free-falling for 35 seconds during a death-defying 3000 metres plunge to the ground, now would be a great time to check that off your bucket list.

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  • Bellemar Caves in Varadero

    This short underground excursion begins in large caves that formed over 300,000 years ago, and turns into a 100-foot descent through narrow corridors, ending up at a Fountain of Youth and majestic crystal formations. It costs about $5.00.

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Sarah Bobas
Sarah Bobas

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My life is pretty much driven by my fear of sharks. I am more likely to say yes to something if there is zero chance of running into a shark. The higher the probability of a shark being involved, the harder it's going to be to get me on board.
Sarah Bobas
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  • Cuba
    Havana + Varadero 

    There’s nothing old school about the country’s rich artistic scene and forward-thinking youth. Music, art, dancing, boxing... it’s the real Havana Nights!

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