Cuba: Havana + Varadero
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  • Varadero International Skydiving Center

    If you’ve never experienced jumping out of a moving plane and free-falling for 35 seconds during a death-defying 3000 metres plunge to the ground, now would be a great time to check that off your bucket list.

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  • Gimnasio de Boxeo Rafael Trejo

    Finding Rafael Tejo’s gym in Havana is going to be a challenge but trust us, it’s worth the effort: you’ll not only learn about the second most popular sport in Cuba, but experience a truly local, off-the-beaten-path Cuban community rarely experienced by tourists.

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  • Bellemar Caves in Varadero

    This short underground excursion begins in large caves that formed over 300,000 years ago, and turns into a 100-foot descent through narrow corridors, ending up at a Fountain of Youth and majestic crystal formations. It costs about $5.00.

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Sarah Bobas
Sarah Bobas

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My life is pretty much driven by my fear of sharks. I am more likely to say yes to something if there is zero chance of running into a shark. The higher the probability of a shark being involved, the harder it's going to be to get me on board.
Sarah Bobas
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  • Cuba
    Havana + Varadero 

    There’s nothing old school about the country’s rich artistic scene and forward-thinking youth. Music, art, dancing, boxing... it’s the real Havana Nights!

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