Cuba: Havana + Varadero
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  • Bellemar Caves in Varadero

    This short underground excursion begins in large caves that formed over 300,000 years ago, and turns into a 100-foot descent through narrow corridors, ending up at a Fountain of Youth and majestic crystal formations. It costs about $5.00.

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  • Urban Bike Polo Havana

    As bike-polo has been adopted by hipsters around the globe, it naturally found its way on the Basecamp radar. It turns out it was way harder than it looks, and was an experience worth trying!

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  • Gimnasio de Boxeo Rafael Trejo

    Finding Rafael Tejo’s gym in Havana is going to be a challenge but trust us, it’s worth the effort: you’ll not only learn about the second most popular sport in Cuba, but experience a truly local, off-the-beaten-path Cuban community rarely experienced by tourists.

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Rodrigo Basurto Garcia
Rodrigo Basurto Garcia

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I try to live my life at 150%. This world has so much to offer so you can't take it for granted. I live by the words my dad always told me: life's a roller coaster with its' ups and downs, but it's your choice to scream or to enjoy the ride!
Rodrigo Basurto Garcia
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  • Cuba
    Havana + Varadero 

    There’s nothing old school about the country’s rich artistic scene and forward-thinking youth. Music, art, dancing, boxing... it’s the real Havana Nights!

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