Cuba: Cayo Santa Maria + Cayo Guillermo
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  • Cuban Cigar Rolling

    For old-school cigar rolling, head to the town of Morón. Although we can't give you our contact's home address (for obvious reasons) ask around and we're sure someone will show you everything that goes into this legendary craft.

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  • Kite Surfing

    If you’re into exciting water activities, then this one’s for you. Spend a day strapped to a kite learning to become one with both air and water.

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  • El Boqueron River Canyon

    Mountains. Rivers. Jungle. Broken down tractors. Ancient caves. What else is there to want in the day-long-adventure that takes you way out of the Cayos.

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Elizabeth Rosa
Elizabeth Rosa

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Life is about being in the present, feeling the energy around you and being open to any opportunity that presents itself along the way. When that door opens, step through it.
Elizabeth Rosa
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  • Cuba
    Cayo Santa Maria + Cayo Guillermo 

    The Cayos of Cuba are what the Florida Keys are to the States: a place for full-on relaxation, water sports, booze and beach-bumming.

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