Cuba: Cayo Santa Maria + Cayo Guillermo
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  • Kite Surfing

    If you’re into exciting water activities, then this one’s for you. Spend a day strapped to a kite learning to become one with both air and water.

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  • Barber shop

    Head to Luis’ barber shop for an old fashion haircut and/or shave that will have you feeling like Frank Sinatra or Gene Kelly (and provide you with one heck-of-a-cultural experience).

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  • Snorkeling in Cayo Las Brujas

    You’re just 15 minutes away from some of the best snorkeling in the caribbean. The reef is one of the largest and it runs just off shore of the entire length of the Cayos.

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Rodrigo Basurto Garcia
Rodrigo Basurto Garcia

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I try to live my life at 150%. This world has so much to offer so you can't take it for granted. I live by the words my dad always told me: life's a roller coaster with its' ups and downs, but it's your choice to scream or to enjoy the ride!
Rodrigo Basurto Garcia
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  • Cuba
    Cayo Santa Maria + Cayo Guillermo 

    The Cayos of Cuba are what the Florida Keys are to the States: a place for full-on relaxation, water sports, booze and beach-bumming.

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